Fresh from Under the Rug

Hoor-paar-Kraat has quite the back catalog. Some releases were never intended to go beyond the circle of a very small audience. A few of these tiny editions were only intended as soundscapes, meant to accompany exhibits of the visual works of Anthony Mangicapra, while others were simply made in tiny editions, for no particular reason. 
As the digital age has been with us for so very long, it's about time we step into the ring and allow those interested, the opportunity to listen to some of these forgotten works. We have recently uploaded two full length albums to our bandcamp page. 

The first of these is An Etymological Study of Tahuti, released in an edition of 75 copies, all the way back in 2001, as a joint effort between Goat Eater Arts and Azalea Records. Very few of these were made available outside of South Florida, as we were not aware of our status as a label. I'm still not certain that we are aware of it, now.

Second, is Kuklos Anagkes, a single sprawling track of situationally altered, field recordings, and the hand of chance. Released in 2002, in an edition of only 22 copies, many of these found their way into the hands of close friends and colleagues. Making an appearance is Ms. Hurricane Frances, who robbed us of electricity, and sent people scrambling for free bags of ice, and open liquor stores, for almost a week.



These are the first of a large and lumbering chunk of sounds that are currently laying about, not serving their intended purpose, by remaining unheard. For a few days after each initial upload, we've decided to make them available, free of charge.

We hope that you enjoy these dusty old sounds.